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Words can't describe the role Jessie has played in my growth. I have met several spiritual teachers but Jessie will always have a special place in my heart.

I have never encountered such a Teacher and Friend in my life who is so clear about Life's Mastery. She has immense knowledge, experience and she knows exactly how to teach/share that knowledge with others.

When I met her, I was struggling a lot with LIFE! She held my hand, helped me walk through difficult situations with grace and acceptance. She was there for me when I needed her the most. And then as I was progressing, she knew exactly when to let go of my hand and let me walk the path on my own, so that I can trust myself and not be dependent on others.

She made me self-sufficient. I used to take readings from lots of spiritual healers when in panic, but she taught me to trust my intuition. She taught me to connect with myself and get all the answers myself, instead of relying on others. She helped me build trust in myself.

Without her, I would never have known what Self-Love, Self-Confidence and Self-Acceptance is. She helped me to see, accept and love all my flaws. She helped me to change my perspective and not see my shortcomings as flaws but a part of my design/me.

She played a huge role in building my relationship with my own self. Life was a struggle before I met Jessie and I felt like I was roaming around like a headless chicken... She brought Stability, Security, Balance, Groundedness, and Understanding in my life. She helped me see the root cause of all my patterns and helped me to address it right on.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have met her, worked with her, learnt from her and to be a part of the healing Pathwalker family! Thank You Jessie, for being my Teacher! It is an absolute HONOR to be a part of the Healing Pathwalkers Tribe! Love You Always!

With Lots of Love,


Jesse was like a lighthouse in the perfect sea storm manifesting inside and outside of me.



My old story in this lifetime is that I come from an abusive family. So I grew up thinking unconditional love isn't real. So I set out to prove my conditioning wrong. 
I did a lot of cutting edge grief/psychotherapy work beforehand, and I ran into Jesse at the perfect time. My psychic skills had just opened up and I was faced with the daily despair of the never ending story of the suffering self. 
Very quickly, Jesse performed a healing session I believe also saved my life. There was also an entity that had been following and hindering me. She got rid of him! And I am feeling the difference.
What's more, she helped clarify what my spirit guides were trying to communicate with me, that I am a seraph. Realizing my Earth angel energy has made my life more understandable and simple. 
And for the skeptics, I am a recent college grad who has been working as an industrial mechanic for six years. I am a pretty logical dude. But, just as our ears don't hear dog whistles, our human perceptions are simply too crude to really know what's happening around us. So I certainly have reverence for the healing way of life.
Most of all, I'm grateful for Jesse because she is one of few humans who has helped me feel unconditional love, to know that it even exists on Earth at all. That's how bad my conditioning was and that's how powerful this current awakening is. 
So no matter what mysterious haunting is tearing at your soul, Jesse has the tools to take you into it, look right at the mirror, and even find your own tools within.
Thank you, Jesse!
Blessed be!
Steven Heddon

I had another session with Jessie Starr. Her healing technique is truly transformational. She helped me to clear out lifetimes of energetic gunk that was leaving my body, mind, and spirit feeling stuck. After our session, I have a renewed sense of strength and an increase in vitality. Thank you, Jesse.

Maria Anderson

After the Universe decided to wack my in the head with a 2 by 4 and wake me up I discovered that I had a lot of healing to do. I also became aware of how subtle energy is and wanted to be able to tap more into it. Through Jessie's classes I have began to be able to heal parts for myself that were shattered. When she tells you - you are on a healing path and you are on a quest- she is exactly right. As a teacher, she has an extraordinary amount of knowledge that she shares freely. She is very approachable and presents her classes in a way that make the classes educational and enjoyable. These classes have helped me an incredible amount on my journey. They are wonderful classes!

Jennifer Lillie

Jessie's energy work is truly healing. She sees you, believes in you, hears you, and guides you in a soothing but firm way. She clears a path for you so that you can then begin your own journey. If you're ready to do the work, she can put you on the right road. You'll find her to be meticulous, supportive, and loving.

Dulce Weisenborn



I had been searching for someone to help me with getting my bodies energies in alignment.  She immediately made me feel at ease.  Jesse is such a caring individual.  She has helped so much.  I learned so much from her.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Andrea Allen
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