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Legally, HP is for entertainment purposes only.  We are not licensed counselors, doctors, medical practitioners or teachers.   What we offer is for you to use or release at will.  We are artisans of the physical, and metaphysical realms and our classes, products, lectures, and sessions are designed to help you break your limiting beliefs, perspectives, and filters.  We hold no liability for choices, experiences or actions that result from your self-work. 


The journey into the soul can be hard, scary or even unsettling.  Our goal is to support you as best we can during your work with us.  However, if you have extenuating circumstances and challenges please take the time and effort to set yourself up for success before undertaking a journey of this nature.  We are not miracle workers, we can’t fix you, we can’t change your life, we can not fix the people around you or the situations you are struggling with.  Only you can do that.  What we offer is our perspectives, our gifts, our love and support to help you navigate your unfolding, your awakening, and help you develop a sense of mastery over your life.


When enrolling in the class you will be asked to sign an agreement of payment, attendance, responsibilities and expectations for both you and HP in our relationship.  This is to inform and protect both you and HP.  We strive to always keep you in the driver seat, informed, empowered and present in your life. 


These classes and sessions are created with your optimum growth in mind.  This journey you are on is like no other.  Everything in your life up until now has prepared you and trained you for this journey.   Though you have felt so lost, you already were exactly where you needed to be.  I believe if you have found yourself here, you are ready to take your journey to the next level.  And HP is here like a lighthouse shining the darkness.


However, should you decide you aren’t interested in traveling on your path with Healing Pathwalkers,  we understand and release you with love.

Cancellations and Refunds


All products, sessions, and classes must be paid for in full prior to scheduled time, shipping or class delivery.  All cancellations must be made prior to 24 hours of your session, reading, or 1st class attendence.  Otherwise, a $22 cancellation fee will be retained from your refund.  If you have enrolled in and paid for a full 6-part series, we will retain the costs for the classes you attended at the full rate of $66 per class, plus the cancellation fee of $22.  Your refund will be paid to you through PayPal within 72-hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of your request. No refunds on services or products partially or fully purchased beyond 30-days of the date of the first payment.  


Products return policy:


For products purchased through the HP store, you have 72-hour (excluding weekends and holidays) from the postal tracking delivery date of receipt of goods to arrange returning the product for any reason.  Shipping costs are non-refundable, and return shipping is the customer's responsibility.


Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns you may have about your experience with HP.



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