Tales of a Wandering Mage

Journey through Awakening

Tales of a Wandering Mage is a collection of poetry, songs, short stories, essasy and expansions of thought from my journies.  I believe it is through story we learn and grow most, so these are some of my stories for you.  Some are completely fictionalized, some are not, some are intimate and personal, and maybe even only for a mature audience in some peoples minds.  I figure if you can read it, and you are here, well then, you have enough discernment to choose for you.


I will always change names and identifying details however, if you should find, as one of my clients or friends and family to land in one fo these stories... know, no one will ever know it's all about you, so get over it.  Maybe it actually isn't about you though.  You see, many people tend to do just the same things, and seeing patterns, well that's my thing.  So maybe, just maybe this one, isn't about you, and maybe, by reading it, you too can learn something new.  Anyway, welcome to the imaginines of my mind!


Poetry from the Road

As a Singer/Songwriter and poet, some pieces bridge the gape between prose and the sirens musings.
Enjoy listening, reading and watching my latest lyrical endeavors here.
I find words to be the substance of spells and the layers to give us journey's we wont take on our own.  So may my rhythm bring your space and grace to explore your own journey through.

How Can God Learn

Is anyone left listening?

We seem to be a dying breed.

Day after day the waking tick away,

And the sleeping pass so softly.


Can you hear your pain?

Have you yet found the blaim?

Or are you busy conjuring up more shame

In this Game of Separation?


No, I'm not asking you these questions.

I'm asking me alone.

But, if I ask myself all by myself,

How will God ever learn?


I see your long eye opening.

I hear your soul song.

Yes, I feel you quaking.

I know you're here to learn.


No, I won't find the answers,

Until I go within.

The lessons wont come one by one.

The cycles wont relent.


No, nothing ever changes,

Not until I learn.

Can I submit and learn?

Will that sooth my burns?


So please wont you ask yourself these questions.

The ones you fear most of all.

And give yourself permission,

That's how God can learn!


So I give myself permission

To pause and to fall down.

I will act on inspiration

I promise to breathe

I promise to breathe

while God learns.


-Jesse Seraphine Starr

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