Welcome to Healing Pathwalkers!  I have built this platform JUST for you! 


I'm Jessie Starr, and my highest joy and excitement is supporting you in your unfolding and awakening of yourself into your Highest and Greatest of Selves! 


I have built so much more for you to explore yourself through, while meeting others who like you are learning, growing and expanding in these new energies, and experiences that we all are witnessing in ourselves and those around us.  Let me support you as a guide, as a Journeyman Pathwalker, as a Friend, Mirror, and Witness, because as you learn to become you, then you can teach us all what you came here to deliver.  We need your gift, and my job is to help you figure remember what it is, and how to serve it up to the Creation!


The hardest part of Awakening is the feeling of Isolation, I lived it, I know.  You are not alone. 


As you meet others who are here with HP Training with my programs, or the people who inspire and teach/learn and learn/teach with me, and share your stories, others can confirm those experiences.  The synchronicities of timing and similarities of circumstances will show you how interconnected we all truly are.

These Sessions Heal your Relationship with You while Building your Self-Practice!

Dynamic Workshops Supporting you Building YOUR Authentic Life! 


Explore the site, there is so much to offer!

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