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Welcome to Healing Pathwalkers!  I have built this platform for you! 


I'm Jessie Starr, and my highest joy and excitement is supporting you in your unfolding and awakening of yourself into your highest and greatest of selves! 


I have built classes, events, workshops, and so much more for you to explore yourself through while meeting others who, like you are learning, growing and expanding in these new energies, and experiences that we all are having more and more of.


The hardest part of awakening is the feeling of Isolation.  You are not alone.  And as you meet others and share your stories, others can confirm those experiences.  The synchronicities of timing and similarities of circumstances will show you how interconnected we all truly are.

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Are you looking for a coach to help you learn how to walk your Path to Wholeness?

Jessie has channeled Two powerful training programs for people who are awakening to their gifts and don't want to get lost in modality certifications or trainings who can't offer you a degree or certification in YOU!


It's impossible to accurately describe all that happens in these classes as they are channeled each year, rerecorded to stay current with the energies and collective transitioning. 


Every class includes:

  • Powerful Grounding exercises you can actually FEEL!
  • Attunements and Energywork to support your connections and clear out blocks and misalignments.
  • Powerful easy to use steps to break through limiting beliefs
  • Perspective shifting approaches designed to teach you how to align to YOUR truth!
  • Exercises to teach you to live in the Flow, and how to understand why you manifest aspects in your life that pull you out of the flow


This series isn't just for people training to be healers, this is for anyone looking to step into their authentic selves.  These classes are designed to help you find who you came here to be and to recover from the life you have lived thus far. 


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Check out this Powerful Lightworker Toolkit!

This deck by the Wizard Azanon is hands down the most powerful tool deck of attuning images and frequencies!  Every Lightworker needs this deck!


It is so powerful, beautiful and dynamic!  If you want to see one way I use it, check out this video below!  This deck is an active participant in your journey!


The images in the cards hold frequencies that will heal your vibration as they support your awakening awareness.  This is an energetic med kit that we all can use in our pocket.  This deck will support you in your awakening like no other deck I've worked with.



If you would like to see more amazing work by Jeffery St. Rose, check out his amazing products, sessions, video's, and more at www.azanon.com!  Or buy your Deck right now! Today!


Starseed Oracle Deck
40.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Starseed Oracle is a powerful tool for the new Aquarian Age by the Wizard Azanon. 81 cards, divination spreads, activation layouts and full beautiful guide book to your new deck!

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