What is Healing Pathwalkers?What is Healing Pathwalkers?

I began my practice, Healing Pathwalkers (HP), in Winter 2011/12 with session work, and intuitive, healing jewelry and tools. I dreamed of supporting others in what I found to be such a confusing and painfully incomplete process of healing from multi-layered, multi-faceted, generational abuse, abandonment and general struggles with physical and mental illness, addiction and self-defeating behaviors & patterns.

I began working through layers, cycles and patterns from so many angles, I quickly learned modalities were toolboxes, and my training was in working with Source directly, free of modalities. We were taught how by working with Command ments and Feeling the Flowing Source Energy, I learned how deeply energy runs through us all, and the Flow understood more than I do, so my journey taught me a free flowing Energy is intelligent, and my job is to be a conduit, not a source of healing. I learned that healing occurs when we can be in a passive state, that occurs only once we surrender to the perfection of what Is, and release what WAS. By focusing on seeking all the beliefs relating from the root of the issues we process, we can work through your present, struggles, your past beliefs, as well as multidimensional self's and realities, to create quick, abundant, inspired change in your life that you see immediately.

Through my own work, I found my own way of supporting others, so I help you in your healing by witnessing fully all aspects and layers of the wound as the universe provides me the opportunities to Witness and Heal myself through you. It continues to be through my deep practice of self-healing, daily meditation, and surrounding myself with people and choices that supported my energetic training, healing, and personal growth, that I have spent these last ten years transitioning into working as a healer and priestess, artist, musician and guide, teacher, mentor and student in all ways and moments of life. My passion is connecting with others who want to live doing the same.

So, Healing Pathwalkers is so much more than just my practice, Healing Pathwalkers is platform for us to explore a new way of living together.

Let's support each other on this path of living in flow, while submitting to the opportunities the Universe is providing, so we can act on inspiration, and passionately enjoy, with deep gratitude and transparency, while walking with humility in this Human Condition together. Let's witness one another as they strive to serve within the Creation from their unique gifts.

So in my mind, Healing Pathwalkers is a platform for this tribe of people, from all modalities, ages, practices, races, cultures, sexes, and orientations to come together and serve one another in the Collectives Ascension.

Mission Statement 


I am here to support the Divine in Awakening to Itself within each and every one of us. 


None of us can wholely Ascend if all of us do not Awaken to our Collective Consciousness. 


My mission is to support healing these Wounds of Separation between the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex to empower you to be your own best Healer, Guru and Guide!


Jessie Starr

Healing Pathwalkers goal is to help everyone remember their true Divinity, and free themselves to be their own most powerful healers, psychics, and guides. 

If you are here, you are already walking the path of healing! This is a space for us to come together as the tribe we are and support one another in our journey to heal our souls of the suffering from this lifetime, our past lifetimes and beyond.


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Check out our YouTube channel and see all the different ways we support you https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Hqu2ZqSoIRlzPLj2lVGaA



What is a Pathwalker?


Pathwalker (n.)- One who is a present, conscious, active gatherer of knowledge, wisdom, and experience on a quest to embody their full Divinity.  They devote their lives to fearlessly forging through unknown depths and realms,  affecting and receiving deep and lasting changes with all those they encounter along the way.  A Pathwalker is committed to using their light, their inspiration, their intuition and their powerful connection to Source & Gaia to guide every step, every word, every act on their of Path Awakening through Service.


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