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"Healing Pathwalkers is a platform for you to dive into your Divinity."



Energy Systems Workshop

Uncovering the Mystery of Chakras

Ra to Qabalah

By Jesse Dujari & Hannaneel Perez

This transformative workshop is designed to incorporate ancient wisdom and modern practices to give you the most access to your energy centers, allowing you to remove blocks, open channels, clear vortexes, release karmic patterns, enhance creativity, passion, and joy and so much more!

This is not your Mother’s Chakra Workshop!  This is for people who want to get on a fast track of Awakening!  By harnessing your energy centers and being able to direct your focus you immediately notice results in your personal life, your professional experiences and in your spiritual ascension.

Energy Systems Workshop - Online
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Live 3-hour Online Community Workshop
March 10th 3-6pm
In our Zoom Classroom
Ticket Prices $66 in advance ($77 day of)

Advanced Ticket Prices

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Brand NEW to HP!!!  Have you heard of the Starseed Oracle Deck?

Check out my new favorite deck by the Wizard Azanon!  I absolutely love this deck!  It is so powerful, beautiful and dynamic!  The perfect Tool Deck!  If you want to see how I use it, check out this video below!  If you would like to see more amazing work by Jeffery St. Rose, check out his amazing products, sessions, video's, and more at www.azanon.com!  Or buy your Deck right now! Today!

Starseed Oracle Deck
40.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Starseed Oracle is a powerful tool for the new Aquarian Age by the Wizard Azanon. 81 cards, divination spreads, activation layouts and full beautiful guide book to your new deck!

Are you looking for a coach to help you learn how to walk your Path to Wholeness?


Jesse is a gifted claircognizant, clairsentient, Intuitive/Empathic Psychic who's connection to the Divine guides her in all aspects of her life.  She uses her strong connections to Source, the Angelic Realm, as well as with her Galactic Kin, to weave a seamless quilt of warmth, love, and compassion to hold you while you heal, rebirth and rebuild your life.


"My path is dynamic and ever shifting, much like yours.  This is why I won't teach what I do, rather how I walk, how I see, how I move through My Creation.  I believe it is by making my journey transparent, by showing you how I shifted my perspective of my life from one of the victims, everything is happening to me, to one of the creators, why do I need this experience, how is it serving me?  My dream is that you will find all the support you need both within you, and within HP while Awakening from your Sleeping mind." 


"I view my role as your companion and guide on your journey back into Unity Consciousness."


Often called a Healer of Healers Jesse uses her gifts to support you in embodying the healer, lightworker, being of Service that you came here to be.  Her clients report greater clarity and focus, more direction, clear self-guided exploration, and even evolutions of their practices and their own unique gifts.  Jesse's energy works like an amplifier, amplifying your experience and energy so you can really feel what once seemed intangible, magical, impossible, imaginary or fantastical. 


"I have had lifetime practitioners, teaching grounding, and connecting techniques admit they never really felt the energy so clearly before, and their own practices were forever changed as they became intimately rather than theoretically engaged in the energetic play."


Would you like to talk to Jesse about how she be of service to you? 


Check out Morning Oasis.  A Weekly program to keep you on the cutting edge and in the flow of these energetic times.


Schedule a FREE 30-minute Consultation today!

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Take the What the ?!? Out ofChakra:

-Chakras without the Dogma  -


  NEW!  And redesigned just for you! 






Learn how to:


  • Create your chakra resets

  • Chakra maintenance through upgrades

  • Grounding and connecting through the chakras

  • Diagnosing and reading chakras

  • Meditations with soothing music by Kyle Devine! on separate tracks

  • Personal Chakra Reading by Jesse Dujari

  • And so much more!​

 Click Here to check it out! Buy yours today, and start your new relationship with you!


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