Conversations with GOD

I was talk to the Clouds,

And I asked them, how

Can the Angels fly,

In a world without light?

And the Clouds asked me, Why?

Couldn’t I see them now?

Even though the sun,

Has gone down?


And then,

The Wind blew away

All the words the Clouds had to say.

And we began,

A new




I was talking to the Wind,

And I asked him how

Could the Wind sing,

If he had no mouth?

Then the Wind asked me why,

Couldn’t I hear him howl?

Couldn’t I hear him,

Whispering with the Tree’s right now?

And then,

The Rain came pouring down,

Washing out the songs of the wind.

And we began,

A new




I was talking to the Rain,

And I asked her how?

Could she flow all the way,

From the Mountain, to the Mouth?

And the Rain asked me why?

Couldn’t I Carve my path?

Couldn’t I feel her flow,

Carving the way home?

And then,

My Mom flew in

Through the Clouds, and the Rain, and the Wind.

And I said,


For now.”

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