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Healing Fractured States Workshop
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You get to attend this powerful 2-Day workshop in our Online Zoom Class Room, and receive a PDF Workbook with the steps to Flow State Healing Protocol.
Check out our Group Rate of $333 and transform your group dynamics.

2-Day Workshops

Offered Sunday

Sept 8th & Sept 15th

This uniquely designed workshop is meant to fit into your Day to Day life.  We will meet on Sunday morning August 8th for a 3-hour lecture, exercises working with the first step in the Flow State Protocol, and meditation to open the floor on Fractured States.  You will then go about your day, return in the evening where you can reflect all you found on your day through the work you will be learning.  Then go through your week, applying these new tools and techniques as you go.  Return the Following Sunday where we work through the rest of the Flow State Healing Protocol and have deeper Q&A application of these steps.  Then head out again about your day, and return in the evening for a closing meditation and Q&A session. 


This work is hard the damage is layered, and our responses andreactions also layered through us, and our matrix.  This process is desgined to break through the blocks, and open the lines of self, connecting to self again. 


Supporting you in getting to

the Root of

Illness & Dis-ease

While Rebuilding

Your Integrated-Self After Trauma

Built on a foundation integrating modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom, with modern Energeticwork, the Flow State Healing Protocol has been supporting people for the last four years through my Life Mastery Program and the last six years in sessions and coaching work.  I've watched hundreds of people change their lives with this work. 
As a former DID, a fractured persona, I took healing as far as Western Psychological approaches could take me. It wasn't until I began understanding these root belief patterns and filters of perceptions, and how they are serving me, that I was finally able to integrate and truly heal from the trauma I had survived.
This work is based upon my own personal journey, and the journey I have now guided hundreds through as they reclaim all parts of themselves, and integrate their truth into their lives, released anscestral patterns and unlock the gifts they felt hidden under the surface in plain view.
I would like to now bring this work out into the greater Collective Awareness.
This 2 Day, Online Workshop
will focus on Fractured State Healing.


  • We will discuss what are Fractured States?
  • How do I know if I am being Impacted by them?
  • How do heal after Trauma?
  • How do fully reintegrate these fractured state?
  • How do I stop writing Trauma experiences into my reality?
FLOW State Healing Protocol
This 3-Step Protocol can be used to address any illness, disease, belief pattern, stored trauma, anything that pulls you out of alignment with yourself.
  • Rewrite belief patterns
  • Heal stored unprocessed memories, emotions, and experiences
  • Maximize your own energy and healing work
  • Learn the power of surrendering and witnessing, while flowing pure energy, and grounding completely.
  • Learn how to build Exit Strategies, without blocking the lessons
  • Break free of your Victimhood filters
With applicable, workable steps you can stop yourself from repetitive painful dynamics, reactive situations and experiences that seem completely beyond your control, living in a state of stress, anxiety, depression, brake free of patterns ingrained and often inherited on all levels.
This protocol will tie all the pieces of your learning, and healing journey together in these simple, powerful steps.
Integrating Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, and Spiritual awareness and flow.
I'm really excited to be offering this workshop online for the first time! Join me while we explore Your Fractures, and bring in lasting healing!

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