Tarot - Understanding your Hero's Journey

Hi, I'm Jessie Starr.  I'm from a line of Readers, Seers, Artist and Creators, and and I am here using my gifts to help you understand your journey.  Witnessing you helps me se me even more clearly! 


I have been reading Tarot privately for about 30 years now, and professionally since 2012.  All the time people say, even  years later, how a reading with me changed their lives.  How the time sitting with me, would support them throughout their life. 


Starting as a Peer Counselor in High School, and working often as a Coach, Manager, or Lead in various work environments, so guiding, supporting, and facilitating learning has been a lifetime evolution for me.  Tarot has always been a guid for me. 


All of my Major life transitions, catastrophies, and transformations have been guided and supported through my relationship with Tarot and other Oracle cards as well.  My readings will support you in your deepening and building own reading skills, as witnessing you will support me in growing and learning.  Thank you for letting me witness you!


I use my clairsenses and my psychic intuition coupled with energywork to help you understand, and shift even change your life.  I don't do fluff readings or vague nonapplicable guidance.  You will want to record it, have some tisues, notes and most likely several relistenings of this reading, schedule with me online and I'll record it for you, and you can attend from your home!


Though I am psychic and yes, can read timelines, I'm not a future predictor, though I will offer forecasts of potential and possibilities; how strong energetically something feels to me at the time of the reading however, your power of creation is in the here and now, my goal is to deepen your focus into present awareness with easy and powerful tools, perspective shifts and techniques you can use use now to embrace the Authorship of your Hero's Quest!


Here are some of the powerful spreads I use to help you!

ALL Readings can be Inperson or Online & Recorded

Alchemical Cross

45-Minute,  13-card spread


Don't let the smaller size fool you.  This reading packs a punch.


Based on the well known Celtic Cross, the Alchemical Cross gives a little more information, and lets you see patterns that are playing out both on the surface, and in the energetics.


We use cyrstals, and energywork to deepen the reading and support you in taking the steps your Guidance is showing you.


Often people have follow up questions, need of some energetic support and a little additional guidance.  I've found these readings are never less than 45 minutes, and often require, 1-3 card pulls to support understanding deeper meanings. 


Let's get into it.

Alchemical Cross
22.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

45-Minute Reading

Pandemic Discount!

The Wheel of Ganesh

45-Minute,  20-card spread


This Is a LIFE CHANGING reading!


Not only does it explain all the key components you are working with, it has steps to get through whatever your facing!  Couple that with crystal and energetic support!


I will also support you with Energy work, and powerful tools to help you feel more grounded and connected to these lessons, assisting you in making the changes you so desire!


the Wheel of Ganesh
22.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

45-minute Reading


Behind The Mirror


This powerful 23 card spread is read in stages.  


As the reading unfolds you will begin to not only understand where the beliefs and patterns in your life are driving your reality experience, and how you can learn and grow from these experiences, while working towards releasing the beliefs to come into understanding of both your conscious, internal self and your externalized unconscious self are working to help you. 



This reading shows you not only why you are feeling the way you are, where these beleifs are stemming from, but also supports you in healing these beliefs.



Like the Ganesh Spread, this will not just show you what is going on, but will help you shift out of these patterns completely, through understanding, self compassion, and submission to the deepest lessons you came to learn.



This is far more than just a reading, this is a full session in a nut shell.

Behind the Mirror
55.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

1 1/2-Hour Readings & Session work

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