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Healing Pathwalker Retreats

September 27th,

28th & 29th






Teaching & Group Healing with Jessie Starr

Drum Making with Sarah Heartsong

T'ai Chi  & Horse Talk with Michel Strickland

Guided Meditations & Channelings

Song Circles

and more...


Loft Talks:

Healing Your Fractured Heart

Flow State Healing Protocol

Rewriting Family Dynamics


All in the Container of Jesse's Family Farm on the edge of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest


This weekend is designed to support you in deepening your self exploration, awakening or enhancing your connection to the ancient wisdom, guidance and the energy all around us.


Heart-Drum Making

Have you ever wanted to make a really unique drum for yourself?


... and how about coupling making that drum with the deeply transformative work of the Healing Your Fractured Heart Workshop! 


Sarah Heartsong will be joining us in retreat this month!


All supplies and tools and guidance and support will be there waiting for your magic to craft it! 

While proccessing your healing work, art and creation support a deeper journey.  Get into the process of hand-preparing your hoops recycled from beautiful restored Wooden Bowls, while being guided by the skilled hands of the kindest preistess I've ever met, who also happens to be from the Land of Enchantment itself!


To find more of her work, at her website



Imagine beating your drum and carrying your healing with you!

What are Fractured States of Consciousness?

Developed from her Life Mastery Program which supports people through the Awakening Process, Jessie Starr has integrated Cognitive Behavioral approaches with EMDR, Meditation, Focused Consciousness Work, and cutting edge 5D Matrix Code Rewriting tools and techniques that can support you in healing and recovering from the very backgrounds that made us so intuitive, empathic, and vulnerable in our modern culture. 


Her deeply integrative Flow State Healing Protocol is supporting people in opening these deep wounds, flushing them, and reintegrating these fractured parts of us that keep recreating the patterns often written before we were born and then perpetuated through our lives. 


Jessie has pulled these key aspects that those on the Awakening Path - Starseeds & Humans alike - can all access and utilize.  Free of Dogma, Ritual or Heavy Filters of Belief, Jessie teaches you to utilize the power of your Imagination and set you FREE of the programs limiting your Whole Expression of Self!

Generational Healing & Wisdom

Michel Strickland, who happens to be Jessie's Mom, is also an Author, Psychologist, Musician, Artist and lifetime Horsewoman. She will be presenting her unique blend of Ancient Wisdom, Channeled Guidance, and childlike wonder to support you in your journey to healing.


Having recovered from anxiety and depression, childhood trauma, and the cascading consquences of programing, she has walked her own path to healing.  Now she and her husband, Mark, have dedicated their lives to building Islandia Farm and Healing Sanctuary-- an Organic Egg Farm and Horse & Human  Rehabilitation Space.


Michel has been teaching and practicing T'ai Chi since the 70's while also offering Horsemanship and Art Therapy for even longer. She worked with at-risk youth as the Art Director at Tongue Point Job Corp before retiring to Farm Life.  She then also returned to school to get her Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology focusing on unhealthy work environments. 


Michel will be bringing her lifetime of experience and wisdom to support you in your journey to wholeness. 

Stay with us or Air B&B it!

Your ticket includes all events listed in the Day’s program


All Meals are Communal Potlucks

or Serve Yourself.


Bring the foods you love for you and share what you care too.  Each is ultimately responsible for their own food and snacks.


Should you want to stay at the Farm you have options. 

Islandia Cottage:

Choose one of two private rooms, with Queen sized bed for $55 per night

(Booked for September)


Bunk up in the living room on one of two twin Sleep cot’s and floor bed, or on the couch for

$22 per night

(Booked for September)



Camp on the Farm

Camp on the Farm Grounds or in the Loft over the barn and sleep right next to the forest. Use the  kitchen and bathroom in the cottage or main house.

$11 for the weekend


Ask about our October & November Dates


There are a few local motels, and Air B&B's that are very close if you are still looking for full accomodations, and we have the loft area, though that is not enclosed.

Would you like to talk more? 

Email Jessie at Jessie@HealingPathwalkers.com


Forest Retreat
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Forest Healing Retreat
Stay with Us?
Stay in the Islandia Cottage
Private Room $55 per Night
Bunk Up in Living Room $11 per night
or Camp on the Farm $11 per night


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