Flow State Healing

Jessie Starr has been on the Healing Path from the beginning of her life.  Training in working with Source Energy in a 2-Year Training Program created by a briliant Master Healer who found after endless certifications and trainings, opening the Flow and Surendering to the Energy is where we Step into deep, profound and lasting Healing. 


Completing the program and beginning seeing clients in 2012 working with body image issues while transitioning her Clothing Design business into a Healing Practice.  Healing Pathwalkers came into being in 2013 and has rapidly evolved into the platform you are exploring right now.


Through her journey working one-on-one in Intuitive Energywork and Channeled Guidance sessions, Jessie served not only as a Medium, Channel, and Energyworker, but she also worked with clients through Family and Soul Curses, Akashic Cleaning, Reading and Maintance, and supporting those Awakening to their Higher Gifts, often supporting them in processing and integrating after Trauma. 


Seeing a Pattern, echoing in her own Awakening journeyJessie, she began guiding people through their own Ascession Process.  Having been in supported through her own Rapid Ascession by a series of synchronistic meetings, healings, trainings, mentorships, and relationships that empowered Jessie's journey and kept her grounded, and of service to her family and community. 


These Flow State Healing Sessions Bring all the Pieces to the table so we can get you Energetically, Physically and Mentally into balanced alignment.  We work with bringing you into the Present with your Full Light of Awareness, enabling you to more deeply tap into your inner Healer, Teacher and Guide.

Flow State Healing Session
188.00 USD
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Flow State Healing Sessions with Jessie Starr
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These sessions are designed to empower you in your own healing work; they are healing and private teaching session, giving you tools of focus, and energetic support so you can find your own inner voice, teacher and silence your mind enough to feel your own truth. 


For Trauama Survivors this can feel virtually impossible.   That is why Jessie created these steps to support you in the moment, through the triggers, back to that quiet inner space, your inner knowing. 


If you have Trauma, PTSD or are Struggling to Integrate what you know with what you feel and sense this is the perfect session work for you.


These Healing Sessions are Powerful and usually done over three sessions, as the work is deep and multi-layered. 


As you make changes in your life, you'll need to learn how to surrender to the changes, how to clear out the old debris, and how to build a new foundation.  This takes a bit of time. Most clients need between 3 and 5 sessions to move forward in their life with confidence, clarity and focus.


Your session are recorded, with powerful meditations, and a step-by-step PDF guide to support you in working through the proccess on your own, on the fly, as you are walking through your life, you are destined to grow.

Flow State Healing Package
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

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Three 90-minute Private Sessions with Jessie Starr
Recorded Meditations with Supportive Energywork, Personalized Instruction, and Tailored Guidance for you.
22-page Flow State Healing PDF

Session Bundles

Examples of some Readings or Sessions

Readings and Sessions

In Readings I use my gifts, Intuition, Channeling, Tarot, Pendulum Dowsing or other skills to bring you the messages coming through for you. While sharing my own understandings, perspectives, tools, & techniques to support and empower you.


Maybe you require physical healing, or guidance of some sort with Energy Work.  Here are many examples of sessions I've done. 


These are private 1-0n-1 lessons with Jessie Starr,

Recorded so you can listen again and again as you integrate the knowledge, and learn to master Riding your Wave of Flow.


  • Pendulum Dowsing with Energetic Support- A pendulum is a tool of energetic support.  The pendulum marries the consciousness of the crystals and the dowser and can be used to break through scar tissue, bundled connective tissue, old repetivie injuries, chronic physical and emotional pain and blockages, energetic and physical blockages.
  • Mediumship - Communicate Beyond the Veil with Your Loved Ones or an attached energy while I guide you through healing relationships, and experiences with those who’ve crossed the threshold of life so you and your family can finally move beyond the loss. Or find out if your home, car or live really is plagued by a pesky spirit and give them the path of light to release them from yours!
  • Open Channeling of Guidance or Open Intuitive Reading - In these sessions, you tell me what you are needing, struggling with, curious about, and I channel whatever comes through for you.  These sessions are dynamic and powerful, and I never know what will come through but it always seems to be just what you needed to hear. 
  • Targeted Chakra Reconstruction - Are you feeling blocked in a particular area of your life?  Constantly struggling with housing, money or stability?  Can't feel safe?  Let's rebuild that Root Chakra and look for contracts, vows, attachments, curses, lessons, agreements, anything attached to recreate this experience so you can find the deeper lesson you have been avoiding.  Is your creativity painfully missing from your life? Do you struggle to communicate? These are all symptoms of blocked or underactive Chakras, let’s get those engines reving again.
  • Cursed? How to Break Ancestral, Inherited Patterns- Do you see a clear theme of suffering and lack in your family?  Are there patterns of abuse, abandonment, addiction, dependency?  Do you keep attracting the same desructive people in different bodies, different faces, and different details?  Does it feel like you just are lost and dredging through the sludge? Have you been told you are Cursed?  Did you feel a little queasy reading this?  Yeah, you need this and on this one, I only charge for two blocks but sometimes these can run much longer, and that is my gift to you.  With these sessions, we are in it till it's all clear.
  • Angelic Healing Rose I will teach you how to use this powerful Angelical tool for healing Deep Emotional or Physical Trauma Treatment, relationships, environments and so much more.  This tool supports those actively recovering from PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain or crippling phobias. These sessions go deep into areas long abandoned and bring about huge change in your life. 
  • Bust Through Your Victimhood *- Do you struggle with being critical of yourself?  Do you feel like the world around you is just setting you up to fail?  Is your finger pointing at what's wrong with everyone and everything, all around you?  This session will help you see how you have created this life of struggle, pain, and suffering for you, as well as how it’s actually the perfect platform to dive into deeper SELF-EXPLORATION!
  • Relationship RESET*- Understanding interpersonal relationships and how to best facilitate deconstruction and growth have been my primary focus for the last 12 years.  Not only do I have extensive personal experience, having been married for the last 13 years in a challenging yet rewarding marriage, but I have been supporting others with their relational challenges my entire adult life.  I have worked with couples, both formally and informally through volunteer work with domestic violence shelters and support groups, as well as through my practice.  I can help you and your spouse, parent, friend, child, whatever the relationship, see each other more clearly, see the filters through which you have been observing the other, and connect to the heart of the cords connecting you.  Let's give new life to your Relationship!
  • Feel Broken? Let’s Rebuild Your Vessel!- Kintsukuroi Healing is a guided technique I use to heal that fractured, disassociated state that many suffer from after enduring deep trauma, abuse, abandonment, and pain.  Many attest to how this technique helped them feel whole, sealed, and feel capable for the first time in their lives.  Those who grow up in deep trauma environments often struggle with feeling like everything slips through their cracks.  Let’s make your vessel whole again!
  • Transdimensional Lotus Training and Flight Test*-  Do you already have powerful Lucid Dreams?  Do you have flashes of Remote Viewing?  Would you like to traverse the Multiplicity of the Creation with some guidance and gentle facilitation? I am a seasoned explorer in these realms.  Would you like me to take you on a Journey?  Let’s fly!
  • Bust Through What Ailes You- Maximize your physical, emotional, mental healing with my powerful combination for Blue Print work, Akashic Reading/Cleansing, DNA Reattunements, Channeled and Guided Meditation Customized for you, recorded and viewable either as an Mp3 or on our YouTube Channel’s private Readings Playlist.



Want to learn how to do all this for yourself?  Ask Jessie about her powerful classes that you take at your rate, from anywhere, anytime!



  • Let It Flow Energetic Karmic Cleanse with Arch Angel Gabriel - In this guided karmic cleansing AA Gabriel supports you while you process a traumatic or defining experience.
  • Panic Attack/Anxiety Relief Attunement with Arch Angel Seraphine - In this attunement I channel my strongest guide and supporter in my own journey, Seraphine whole she flows loving energy rebalancing your endocrine system, calming your adrenals and helping your body release the stress response and built up cortisol in your system.
  • Customized Guided Attunements - These are open Channelings to meet you where you are at, and assist you in transition and upgrading your frequency, energy, power, gifts, Intuition, Creativity, Musicianship, Clairsenses, Clarity and so much more.  These are guided by the Divine.
  • Complete Chakra Cleanse and Attunement to Optimum Frequency Alignment Guided by Arch Angels Gabriel, Uriel, Ariel, and Seraphine - In this completely guided and channeled Attunement we address not only your major chakras but also your full minor chakra system, getting them all activated, blocks cleared and harmonizing them with each other.
  • Oath, Contract & Vow Cleanup, Breaking and Releasing - Because we have forgotten culturally how to have good energetic hygiene, we carry generations of incarnations and ancestral karmic debris, oaths and contracts.  There are many situations and experiences driven by these past contracts to participate with certain people, or in certain circumstances.  Many healers, energy workers and spiritual practitioners of this generation spent lifetimes as nuns, priests, witches, wise men and women with certain vows and oaths around chastity, poverty, perhaps silence, loyalty, and so on.  Let's us help you release these and move forward in this life free of all these bindings.  These sessions are also known as Akashic Clearings.
  • Full Energetic Attunement & Balancing with the Divine Mother and Divine Father - This session is completely guided and channeled by the Divine.  Depending upon your individual needs and frequencies they will attune you to your optimum Highest Masculine and Feminine frequencies, bring in your highest vibrational self, strengthening your own connection with the expanded levels of your consciousness.  As you do so, things become clearer, easier, balance and you approach to life feels more graceful and effortless.  Often clients report accelerated growth, understanding, and synchronistic flow in their lives after these powerful attunings.

* All Attunements are customized for you and these are some suggestions of common Attunements.


It's a vast and confusing world of psychic readings, intuitive readings, energetic sessions, healings, attunements, clearings, pastlife regressions, astrological, numerological, tarot or mediumship readings, Akashik readings and work, session and chakra alignments can be some pretty confusing seas to navigate.  


Which of these will actually help you make a life you want rather than one you are struggling survive?

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Want to know what these terms mean?  Are you wondering what are Sessions, Readings, Healings, Attunements and more?

Readings & Sessions


Readings and Sessions are 1-on-1 private appointments, either in-person, over the phone or through our Healing Pathwalker Online Meeting Room.  Jessie uses her clairsenses, trained techniques, tools and practices to feel through your needs and goals of the session. 


Jessie works with individuals, couples, partnerships, families, adults, adolescents, and children to support them their quest to feel empowered and authentic in their life.  The rate is the same, for individual, couples, or family sessions.


"For complex dynamics the more time the better, I recommend a 90-minute session if you want to be able to address the root issues under the problem dynamics."


Jessie has experience working with families, and other complex relationship dynamics, supporting all to have a voice as well as to listen while encouraging collective growth and healing by opening everyones awareness to the persepcetives, lessons and challenges keeping one seperate and feeling judged not loved.  People have found support and guidance through struggles with physical and mental illness, abuse, addiction, and domestic violence, chronic illness, disease, anxiety, depression, abuse, homelessness, generational poverty, and so much more by using these practices, techniques and energetic support in making real and lasting changes in their life. 


Clients and students report after even the first session:


  • A decrease in anxiety, stress, physical pain, and relief from many other physiological and psychological symptoms
  • Decrease in negative thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors
  • Increased awareness of maladaptive behavioral patterns and triggered responses
  • Better boundaries with people who once reinforced or triggered these negative patterns in their daily life and many reported eventually releasing those people completely from their lives or seeing drastic changes in the dynamic
  • A stronger sense of self, of personal power, of gratitude and joy in their daily lives
  • Ultimate shifting in their whole approach to life from one of struggle and survival to one full of opportunity and growth
  • Deeper levels of compassion for self and others through allowance of the selfs to have a voice, feeling, thoughts
  • Couples have reported increased compassion for one another, a stronger sense of teamwork, and allowance for the individual in the union while holding a strong voice for the self
  • Families have reported a stronger sense of purpose, tolerance, allowance, and deeper compassion for each other, even when sometimes that love must be expressed from a distance


Walk away from these sessions with Actionable Tools, Perspectives, Action Plans, and focused State of Present Awareness to bring you into your Authorship Self.


All on-line Attunements, Readings & Sessions are Recorded so you can access them again and again!

What are Attunements & Clearings 

Much like an instrument, our energies have many strands of frequency, and our expression or body/life/experience is a harmonic of these frequencies running through us, through our DNA, through our tree of life, creating our programming, writing our whole experience of life. 


An attunement is an adjustment to these strands of frequency that impact real and lasting changes in your experience moving forward. Especially when utilized in your daily practice.


Some examples of Attunements:

  • Christ Consciousness
  • Chakra Attunement
  • Pure Strands of Color Frequencies
  • The Violet Ray
  • Your Highest Vibrational Harmonic
  • Your Intuition, Clairsentience, and more...


Clearings are powerful removals of frequencies and debris that we all pick up from interacting as a social culture and from processing or not processing our experiences.  Some of it is ours, and the rest is attracted to something within us.  These can be attachments like entities or curses or can be repeating patterns, programs like abusive relationship dynamics or self-defeating patterns of behavior.  By removing clearing these energetic contracts, vows and agreements, processing the memories, emotions and beliefs stored around those experiences, cleansing and healing these wounds energetically, we can trigger deep physical responses of detoxification of the physical body.  This is the root of true Alchemy.


When we are holding Ancestrial Karmic Debris, the body can manifest this as anxiety disorders, genetic disorders, chronic illness, Fibromyalgia, repetitive injury and so much more. The body holds the memories of the family causing not only things like inflammation and disease, but also things like abuse, poverty, and mental illness.  Clearings can create massive changes in your body, relationships, passion, creativity, connections and so much more.


Though it is possible to Clear and Attune your energy, bringing you to your optimum frequency will not solve the problems of your life!  You must ADRESS your beliefs, boundaries, and perceptions while addressing the energetic root of the experience if you want to change your life.


The only way to STOP THE CYCLE truly is to face YOU head on!   We must understand why we bring these experiences to us, inside and out: how they serve us and why you believe you this to be unavoidable.  Ultimately, the question becomes, can you see that you asking yourself to take care of you is ok?  Is it okay if you are selfish and say, "No, I can't help you with this? I have to show up for me right now." So you will call a truly selfish person to you, one who will overpower, guilt and push all the right buttons to engage your, no, I have to the mechanism that overrides you every time, making you show up for someone else.  Can you see that you saying, "No, is all I can do?  And that it's maybe selfish, but, that's okay, because I love you (this other person) even though you are being self-focused, externally focused, and struggling, and I love you." Is this selfish, so can you be this too? Can you be this thing you so desperately want to fix in yourself but accept in others, and still be worthy of loving you?  This is the work of Life Mastery!


"Attunements are more like supports, acting like a brace while you build back the strength in your knee by learning to bend with the waves of change, to release the rigidity of your framework of beliefs. A ship who's ribs can breathe survives the seven seas!"


Jessie channels Angels, Ascended Masters, yours and her own Guides, Higher-Selves, supportive Galactic Kin, Planet, Elemental, Flaura and Fauna Consciousnesses as well as Source to guide and assist you in your Healing Journey.



"I serve as a bridge between Gaia and the Divine, helping you remember and build your own bridge back into Oneness, for I believe we all are One in this Infinite Creation." 

Jessie Starr

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