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I can only equip you with the tools, perspectives and support, you have to walk the path!

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Life Mastery with Jessie Starr

This powerful system is designed to take anyone, experienced and inexperienced alike on a journey.


The classes, originally channeled supported me in fully transitioning myself from a seamstress, unhappily married, unhealthy woman, to a fully working, modern-day priestess,

working in supporting others, in healing from their journey's into discovering the reason they came here, to find how they came here to serve.


These classes are designed to be taken at your rate, over a 6-month to 1-year span.


Part 1 -

Learn the Language of Your Body

Here you learn how to feel your energy, Source's energy, the Earth's energy, and use it to focus your attention for healing, manifestation, clearing stuck energy, and most importantly for guidance and alignments and attunements.


Part 2 -

Mechanics of Your Biomachine

In this class you begin healing your relationship with both your body, and your life here on this planet.  This is where we shift into a building a foundation of gratitude and present awareness while learning how to use our focus to release stored guilt, shame, and unprocessed memories, beliefs, and emotions.


Part 3 -

Steering for Your Bliss

Ah Bliss, we think it's about finding it, but I believe you already know how to do that.  This class is about understanding what pulls You out of YOUR bliss?  Becoming aware of subconscious Belief Patterning is the only way I have found to stop maladaptive responses and behaviors that perpetuate the beliefs supported by the patterning.  This is where we begin Fractured State work and truly begin healing your wounded psyche.


Part 4 -

Inner Compass Guided Inquiry

Here we get into the nitty-gritty of belief work, and address the fractured states, the boys and girls of your past selves, that are still entirely too present making choices and decisions for you that are leading you astray of your own goals and intentions.  Having a guide in these dark and tumultuous waters is so helpful, so remember any Session Work for HP active students is

50% off.


Part 5 -

External Compass Guided Inquiry

Here we see how some of our fractured selves have been entirely thrown out of our internal experience.  Completely rejected, the ones who are allowed to express anger, maybe even hatred are not allowed on the bus, so instead they come into our lives like, an angry woman, screaming and pounding on the bus doors to let her in.  You can bet, you have a situation in your life, calling for your anger, but you are suppressing it, and not expressing it, means your angry girl, has to get your attention my any means possible, including with an angry woman, she found on your bus route.  This is The External Journey Inwardly Focused.


Part 6 -

Empathic Hygiene: Overcome Social Anxiety


This is a class where really focus in on the rest of the main issues causing us suffering, and resistance, anxiety and fear, and ultimately pull us out of our power.




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"My Passion is supporting people in fully embodying who they came here to be!"


-Jessie Starr


Ready to go farther in your Training?

  Here is the POWERFUL follow up series to Life Mastery!


Check it out! 


Let It Flow with Jessie Starr

Let It Flow is an Adept Training Program with Jessie Starr as she guides you through the most powerful & cutting edge healing techniques & practices that cut through the boundaries of modalities, and teach you to work with raw energy through your full light body.


***Life Mastery

is a prerequisit to

Let it Flow***


Classes are prerecorded so you take at your rate and time!

Part 1 -

Channeling: Taking Your
Grounding & Connecting to the Galactic


Part 2 -

Understanding the Nature of Reality, Strand Theory, Introducing 

Multi-Strand Healings


Part 3 -

Building your tool shelf
& mastering your Tools


Part 4 -

Working with your Merkaba - Build your workspace, Adapting
& Advancing Your Tools


Part 5 -

Working the Matrix:  Blueprints, DNA, Attunements & Genetic Inheritance


Part 6 -

Step into a state of Creation while climbing your
Mountain of Transfiguration into your Rainbow body.


**All classes recorded so can be watched as many times as you need.



Have you been going from one modality to the next, seeking the answers?


Let us help you break out of that cycle!  Our classes are designed to empower you and connect you to your own inner knowing!  Building YOUR UNIQUE gifts, practice and service!





Maximize your Transition to 5-D living!


Both Life Mastery and Let it Flow are regularly rerecorded classes current with the energy so you can take them at your own rate!


Watch them as many times as you want, when you want, where you want.


Loooking to Build on your Training?


Join our weekly

Energy Labs & Online Group Healing Exchange

  • Thursday Evenings (open to all)
  • Tuesday Mornings (HP Students Only)
  • 2nd Sundays Energy Exchange, Dinner & Meditation


Confused about your Chakras?


Take the What the out of Chakra Workshop


learn how to:

  • Optimize your Chakra System
  • Cleans Karma
  • Release Beliefs distorting your chakras,
  • work with energetic blueprints,
  • self diagnosis  through the Chakra's
  • chakra drawings and more

90-minute Recorded Workshop

6 tracks

meditations with music

PDF Workbook from class!




Want to go even deeper?  Look for  Retreats to the beautiful Big Bottom Valley in Randle, Washington! 


Stay in a rustic cabin, with others training and expanding, eating, learning, creating and growing together.


Email Jessie if you would like to schedule a private one for you and your friends, or family.


HP Student Checkin





Take your training to the  max by attending this powerful, focused energylab, designed to support where you are in your traiing, life, and integration. 


These are focused and targeted at the challenges facing you and your fellow classmates, a great opportunity to meet others training in these same programs.  Maybe even some who are returning to Life Mastery, or are in the Let it Flow Series.


How far do you want to go?

Bundle Your Training

This work is so trick, healing and recovering often from Trauma, Illness and Disease.  You aren't alone anymore.


All HP programs are designed to heal your relationship with you.  Do you struggle with:

  • Chronic Symptoms
  • Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics
  • Repetative Patterns you can't seem to get to the root of
  • Taken the Western Approach to Recovery as far as you can and need more
  • Taken your Healing Modality to it's limits and ready to deliver your gift
  • Ready to build a life of Flow and Service

These are all issues addressed in Life Mastery and so much more.  The most important aspect of Life Mastery is the integration of your own energy and your capacity for discernment. 


"Learning and reconnecting with this aspect of yourself is the most powerful thing you can do in your Awakening Journey. 


This connection is what empowers the Great Teacher, the Master within you that is you, ready and waiting for you to listen.  This is what I teach as a founding principle in all my work."

-Jessie Starr

Understanding the nature of our Mind/Body/Spirit Complex is critical.  By Focusing in on target issues we can more deeply support our transitions into Whole Conscious Beings more graceful.


Fractured State Workshops


These Unique On-Line Workshops allow you to attend from where ever you are so you don't have to be in the right place at the right time, you just have to be ready at the right time. 


These workshops will focus on the aspects of the Mirroring of Reality, the true power of Manifestation and Laws of Attraction.


By giving you alternative perspectives, actionable tools, and powerful energetic support you will find all you need to recover from the life you have accepted until now, and be empowered to build the life you want moving forward.

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Flow State Healing Sessions


Guided by Jessie in recorded sessions you can reaccess as many times as you need, you will be able to maximize your healing and expanssion work by mirroring with Jesse.  She is a powerful Healer, Oracle and Guide who can give you footing to stand on, while you get your barings in this whole new awareness of your Self.

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Forest Healing Retreats


These retreats are unlike anything you will find else where.  Come join Jessie on her Familiy Farm, located on the edge of the Gifford Pincho National Forest.  22-miles as the crow flies from Mt Saint Helens, Mt Adams, and Mt Rainer make this a power focal point like no other in the world.


We will use these powers of this magical valley to support our healing and integration work. 


Book early enough and you can stay in our Guest Cottage, or camp on property.  But those spots fill up quick.


Utilizing Modern Healing and Energy

techniques, effective Psychological approaches and tools, coupled with Equine Facilitated Healing and Learning, as and some good Chicken Love you can't help but walk away from these weekends a completely changed being.

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Classes & Labs

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My highest Joy and Excitement comes from supporting someone in Awakening to their Whole Integrated Self. I can't wait to witness you on your journey, learn from you, and share what I've learned.   

-Jessie Starr

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Have you taken one of our classes?  How was it?

"I've worked with Jesse one on one and then in two of her online classes and as always I walk away from any type of session with Jesse feeling amazing, energized and see things clearly. In the beginning, Jesse would help me work through anything that was going on in my life, get me aligned and back on track but then began teaching me how to recognize things within myself and ask myself the right questions to understand why I felt as I did. She not only helped me to heal from countless past issues but also taught me to be able to cope and get through things by grounding, meditation and other helpful methods. Although I'm still learning new things about myself every day, I feel more empowered and free...more so than I ever have before. I'm actually truly happy for the first time in my life and it's all thanks to Jesse and Healing Pathwalkers classes. 


The one on one sessions with Jesse are super helpful, eye opening and gave me great results, but the classes allowed me to further explore my own abilities. With her guidance, I am now able to navigate my own path with much more clarity. I would absolutely recommend any of the Healing Pathwalkers classes to anyone who is struggling or seeking more from their life and their own existence. Jesse is so down to earth and is not only a powerful teacher but a true friend as well."


Melissa Moreno


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  • Karen Brooks (Friday, February 23 18 12:11 pm EST)

    If you're on a self awareness/self healing path already, you're looking for guidance and are ready to shift into unlocking the blocks that prevents your highest potential or just want to learn more about what your life's purpose is because your life kinda sucks right now then I highly recommend this course with my mentor Jesse Dujari.
    You don't get certified in anything at the end, you receive something so much more valuable......a better version of yourSelf that will benefit you in all areas of your life.
    I worked this course diligently all last summer and since that time my self awareness and perceptions have aligned in such amazing ways. My relationships have improved across the board because I understand how mirroring works. I've been able to heal shattered pieces of myself from my childhood trauma that was preventing me from success in various areas of my life. My self confidence in my life's purpose now shine brightly so that I'm able to follow the bread crumbs right into the opportunities that serves me best with the least amount of resistance.
    I'm able to flow through the energies of anxiety and other emotions that triggers cause without getting stuck and have learned the skills to use those energies as fuel to go forward.

    I'm proud to say that I've been able to transition from this course, through the stressful few months of grandkids into my newest adventure.....
    I have rented a space in downtown Hillsboro to grow my energy work business!!
    I wouldn't have found my way to my bliss as easily without taking this foundational reconstruction course.
    I can't thank Jesse and the Healing Pathwalker tribe enough.
    Looking forward to continuing with the Let it Flow series.

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