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I had another session with Jessie Starr. Her healing technique is truly transformational. She helped me to clear out lifetimes of energetic gunk that was leaving my body, mind, and spirit feeling stuck. After our session, I have a renewed sense of strength and an increase in vitality. Thank you, Jesse.

Maria Anderson

After the Universe decided to wack my in the head with a 2 by 4 and wake me up I discovered that I had a lot of healing to do. I also became aware of how subtle energy is and wanted to be able to tap more into it. Through Jessie's classes I have began to be able to heal parts for myself that were shattered. When she tells you - you are on a healing path and you are on a quest- she is exactly right. As a teacher, she has an extraordinary amount of knowledge that she shares freely. She is very approachable and presents her classes in a way that make the classes educational and enjoyable. These classes have helped me an incredible amount on my journey. They are wonderful classes!

Jennifer Lillie

Jessie's energy work is truly healing. She sees you, believes in you, hears you, and guides you in a soothing but firm way. She clears a path for you so that you can then begin your own journey. If you're ready to do the work, she can put you on the right road. You'll find her to be meticulous, supportive, and loving.

Dulce Weisenborn



I feel so good now.  I was so tired at first, but then not long after the session I ended up with good energy and was able to accomplish what I needed to.  Today I feel great.  I feel lighter, an amazing feeling!  I am so much happier.  The heart wall and that other energy you removed made a big difference.  I appreciate it being affordable too.  My whole being feels lighter, much better, no pain anymore, some stiffness but not pain. Thank you so much you wonderful healer you.  Thank you you wonderful soul.

Shauna Smith

I have been steadily working through the "Life Mastery" course that Jessie put together.  And I must say that I have a direction now that I lacked before. Things make sense now and I have an easily workable system of tools to use whenever I need to get in touch with some guidance. Thank you for such a wonderful course and for everything you do for everybody each and every day. Love and light for you always Jesse


Jason Watts



I had been searching for someone to help me with getting my bodies energies in alignment.  She immediately made me feel at ease.  Jesse is such a caring individual.  She has helped so much.  I learned so much from her.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Andrea Allen

I was referred to Jessie by a friend of mine who had worked with her numerous times and I am so thankful and happy that she referred me. I was going through a difficult time in my personal life and there were things that I could not get passed. It seemed as if my life was full of reoccurring negative energies and I was having a very hard time dealing with things. I had also been told that some of the things that were affecting me stemmed from long ago and others had to do with my soon to be ex-husband.

After a brief consultation with Jessie, we set up an appointment and immediately I felt at ease with her. During our phone session she was so in touch with me that not only did she clear multiple attachments but was able to tell me things about myself and my past that only I would know. She also was in contact with people from my past that I had never mentioned. I was completely amazed and felt a huge rush of relief and happiness after our first session.


For the next week or so I was able to contact her anytime I felt the need and it was decided that another session would be necessary. Much like the first session, Jessie relieved me of certain attachments from past lives and also taught me how to keep myself free from negative energies in addition to other useful techniques not only for myself but also my young son. She has also healed me physically on more than one occasion.


Although I haven’t gone into great detail, I will honestly say that without Jessie’s help I would not be where I am today…mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have learned so much for her and am forever grateful for crossing paths with her. Even today, I will still call upon Jessie when I feel the need to do so and have also consulted with her on many occasions regarding my son. We have discovered that he has many spiritual gifts and because of her, I am able to guide and teach him how to work with and handle those gifts.


I would recommend Jesse to anyone who is seeking guidance, anyone who feels lost or anyone who is physically suffering. She is a God-send.


Melissa Moreno

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