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Jessie Starr

Empathic/Intuitive Psychic Healer, Energetic Artisan, Musician, Singer/Song Writer, Intuitive Artist Teacher/Learner, Channel/Medium & Minister

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Healing Pathwalkers


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Hello, and welcome to my Creation!  Thank you for allowing me into yours. 


Please forgive me for any trespasses I may have ever committed against you in any expressions we may have shared.  I forgive you for any trespasses you may have committed against me.  I release you from any commitments, contracts, oaths or vows we have held together at any point in our expressions as I release myself and step with you into a State of Allowance to build our new relationship in the Here and Now, free of any past karma or inherited debris we may share, perpetuating the old in our new creation as we walk forward.

My path is dynamic and ever-shifting, like yours.  This is why I won't teach you my path, rather I will teach you the way I walk, the way I see, the way I move through my Creation.   I teach by showing you how I meet my experiences and relationships through the lens of opportunities for growth, deconstruction, perpetuation, contraction, and expansion. My dream is that you will find all the support you need while waking completely your sleeping mind.  I am here to support you while you remember your Creator Being-self. 


I have often been called a Healer of Healers.  If you have found your way to me, it's through Divine Will.  You are ready to take your life to the next level and beyond.  One of my strongest gifts is helping those here to be on the Service Path.  My energy, through exposure, teachings and sessions, will help you by upgrading your frequency, deepening and expanding the consciousness work you are already doing while refining YOUR practice, and Your Service work. 

Though I am the founder of Healing Pathwalkers, first and foremost I am a Learner in all things.  This is my life passion, learning from whomever or whatever comes to teach me.   Teaching and sharing what I'm learning with others deepens my own understanding and learning.  I believe walking with you through your growth into your self-embodiment is one of the greatest of gifts of this Creation. 


I love guiding you through finding your highest manifestable self, Guides, other consciousnesses to help you hear your guidance!  In that role, I also serve as a medium, a channel, an oracle, a healer, a lightworker, a minister, a re-motherer, a mirror & projector, a builder, shaper and creator, a being devoted to a life of service, and the Divine Feminine fully embodying her priestesshood.  These are just a few of the descriptions that can fit me, my work and my energy, but certainly can't encompass me.  I look forward to witnessing you even more deeply!


**If you want to read more about my story by scrolling below!

My Commitment is to supporting your growth!

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Ways to work with me:

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Full 90-minute Sessions for $155

6-Month Training programs with 1-on-1 support $222

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My Story

I had the typical start unfortunately too many of us share, a traumatic childhood where I learned how to survive emotionaI, sexual, physical, and psychological abuse, and abandonment, dysfunction and a family full of victims and abusers.  I spent the first half of my life growing, healing, and recovering from a childhood that could have easily crushed me.  Now I want to support you while showing you how to do the same.


I went the traditional route of recovery seeking mental health, physical health, and emotional well-being.  After over a decade of work with an excellent therapist, who essentially reparented me, I found myself in the healthiest state of mind I had ever been in, my marriage stronger than I thought possible, I had successfully launched a new business and career as a clothing designer with Jesse Designs.  I was using my creativity, my attention to detail, and my unique approach to style and comfort to provide one-of-a-kind creations that allowed my clients to find their best expressions of self.  I felt liberated.  My artist was out creating things from western business wear to camo wedding wear.  Using my out-of-the-box problem-solving strategies as much as my ability to connect with my clients, feel what they were wanting to bring out, what they were wanting to hide I helped them feel more confident, and expressive while embodying their unique styles.  I specializing in easing their insecurities and fears to help them create wardrobes that truly reflected the person they were inside.  I was feeling of service, of value, I should be on top of my game.

My life should have been perfect except for one not so little thing, I still couldn't control my health, my motivation or my drive.  I was waking up some mornings feeling so ill I barely could get out of bed.  I was crippled for days at a time with headaches, fatigue, body cramping, digestive issues, rising anxiety, obsessive negative thinking, breathing issues, panic attacks, unexplainable infections, chronic obesity and repetitive injuries. These "attacks" would come out of nowhere and knock me off my game, sometimes for days at a time.  Doctors couldn't explain what was happening to me.  I returned to therapy and was able to treat the fear and anxiety but, no matter what I tried, it kept returning.  Nothing seemed to touch these issues, and they were beginning to threaten my hard-won life.
It was in this place that I was introduced to the teacher who woke me up, a Master Healer who created a two-year program to awaken the healers within.  Once I understood how to connect to energy, protect and cleanse my energy, and cleared out a huge amount of the crap that had been weighing me down all my life, virtually all of my worst ailments were gone.  I finally understood that I was empathic and that I was carrying the weight of not just myself but all those around me for all my life.
I finally understood the source of my unexplained illnesses stemmed from my own inability to energetically shield and protect both myself and my home, and from my ancestry, as much as my current experiences.  After creating clear spaces in my life, spaces where I was connecting with these energies, I began to understand my relationship to all these experiences.  I began to learn how all these energies I thought were attacking me were actually teaching me, showing me the darkest parts of my wounds that I couldn't see.   


Those "people" who were doing things "to me"  became the mirrors showing me where to focus my attention, how to flow it through a block while truly healing and releasing my ancient wounds.  These are the perspectives that will guide you throughout your greatest life lessons, through your inherited karma, your genetic and physical experiences, so some of us don't need teachers rather they need mirrors.  I use on my mirrors to support me while I learn/teach and teach/learn throughout my life.  Check my community, you may find someone here who is here to mirror just for you.
Though I always stress the importance of following your own guidance, I believe the nature of the wounds we are healing now as a collective, stem heavily from our feeling of separateness from God/Source/Creator/Collective Consciousness/Ourselves.  I have found that many need a guide to help them find their path out of this darkness, someone to help them get started, to teach them how to fish.  Others may need someone to cut through their illusions, through their maladaptive perspectives and hold up a mirror they can trust.  And then there are those who have been on this path so long, and have exhausted their own tools, methods, and practices and need support in finding a new way to address what they have worked over and over again, yet still, it sacks them.  These are some of the ways I support my clients and students on their Pathwalking Journey back to Source.
This is my purpose, my life's work is showing you how to heal your life by teaching you how to be both the breaker and the maker of your expression, rather than the passive experiencer barely holding on.   I use my Empathic Abilities, Psychic Gifts, my honed Clairsenses: Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairempathy, as well as my skills in communication, training, and guidance coupled with my unique approaches to working with energy to help you begin, continue or enhance your healing work! 
These gifts are not unique to me, they are inherent in the human vessel!  Many call me an Activator, they begin feeling their own gifts growing stronger and stronger while working with me!  Let me ACTIVATE YOUR highest connections with YOU!  Call in your Wholest of SELF to fully manifest into your creation!  Let me Call in YOUR Divine Knowing that has been calling to you from the shadows of your life!
Come and let me show you how to take your Life to the next level as we journey together back to ourselves.                             



      ~Jesse Dujari


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  • Andrea Allen (Friday, September 23 16 06:45 pm EDT)

    I see how you have transformed into the powerful being you are today. The great teacher and mentor. I can't wait to see what the future brings for all of humanity. It is an honor to witness all of
    the transformation we are going through. I have even noticed the transformation of the my immediate family and it brings me so much joy.


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