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Mission Statement 

Healing Pathwalkers goal is to help everyone remember their true Divinity, and free themselves to be their own most powerful healers, psychics, and guides. 

If you are here, you are already walking the path of healing! This is a space for us to come together as the tribe we are and support one another in our journey to heal our souls of the suffering from this lifetime, our past lifetimes and beyond.


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I strive to enrich your journey with programs, practices & exercises, meditations, classes you can take anytime & at your rate, community events & open up to you an inspiring on-line community, rich with progressive, grounded concepts, philosophies and scientific breakthroughs to help you confirm & expand your work, your growth, your Pathwalking while challenging your beliefs and perceptions so you can grow a grounded path of Awakening.

What is a Pathwalker?


Pathwalker (n.)- One who is a present, conscious, active gatherer of knowledge, wisdom, and experience on a quest to embody their full Divinity.  They devote their lives to fearlessly forging through unknown depths and realms,  affecting and receiving deep and lasting changes with all those they encounter along the way.  A Pathwalker is committed to using their light, their inspiration, their intuition and their powerful connection to Source & Gaia to guide every step, every word, every act on their of Path Awakening through Service.


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Healing Pathwalkers
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Let me show you how to be your own healer, visionary and guide in your journey!

Learn to walk in your life with Joy and Gratitude!

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