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This vast world of psychic readings, intuitive readings, energetic sessions, healings, attunements, clearings, pastlife regressions, astrological, numerological, mediumship readings, session and chakra alignments can be some pretty confusing seas to navigate.  


Even more confusing is, which one will actually help you make a life you want rather than one you survive.

Schedule your FREE 30-Minute conversation to find out the best way Jesse can support you.   Let me help you build your personalized path within what your budget!

What are Readings & Sessions


Readings and Sessions are 1-on-1 in person, over the phone or through our Healing Pathwalker Online Meeting Room Jesse will feel through your needs and goals of the session. 


I work with individuals, couples, partnerships, families, adults, adolescents, and children to support them in their quest to feel empowered and authentic in their lives.  The rate is the same, for individual/couples/family sessions.  The time is yours, I am here for you, use it how you need. 


I have experience working with families, and other complex relationship dynamics, supporting all to have a voice as well as to listen while encouraging collective growth and healing.  I have supported many through struggles with physical and mental illness, abuse, addiction, and domestic violence, chronic illness, diss-ease, anxiety, depression, abuse, and so much more. 


My clients and students report after even the first session:


  • Decrease in anxiety, stress, weight, and many other physiological symptoms
  • Decrease in negative thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors
  • Better boundaries with people who once fed these negative patterns in their daily life and many reports eventually releasing those people completely from their lives.
  • A stronger sense of self, of personal power, of gratitude and joy in their daily lives
  • Ultimate shifting in their whole approach to life from one of challenges and survival to one full of opportunity and growth. 
  • Couples have reported increased compassion, a stronger sense of teamwork, and allowance for the individual in the union while holding a strong voice for the self.
  • Families have reported a stronger sense of purpose, tolerance, allowance, and even deeper compassion for each other, even when sometimes that love must be expressed from a distance.


Scroll down for a full Session List.


Sessions and Readings go hand in hand, we find the issues creating challenges and conflicts in your life and seek the root, energetically, psychologically, emotionally, physiologically, or spiritually and work from there.  I will guide you through the work so you will build the skills to continue your work beyond the session.


In order to keep my work accessible, I have created 30-minute Blocks, so you can book what you can afford. 


1-Block (30-minute) Readings - $66

2-Block (60-minute) Readings/Sessions - $111

3-Block (90-minute) Sessions - $155



**Book your free 30-minute consultation conversation to see which will be best for your needs!


All Attunements, Readings & Sessions are Recorded so you can access them again and again!

Sessions, Readings, & Attunements
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

You can book your 30, 60 or 90-minute session with Jesse Dujari!

30-Minute Blocks

What are Attunements & Clearings 

Each of us comes here into this life with unique gifts.  One of mine is as a great connector.  I have a powerful ability to connect you and flow energy through you, your body, and your energetic bodies that will create unimaginable change in your life.


Attunements are where I support you to call in the energetic frequency of a particular feeling, consciousness, or other energy into your body so you can remember the power of your mind, your intention, your focus and your true ability to change your experience


Clearings are powerful removals of frequencies, attachments like entities or curses, of karmic debris, and the material the body holds causing inflammation and disease.  Clearings can create massive changes in your relationships, passion, creativity, connections and so much more.


I work to Clear and Attune your energy into it's optimum frequency.  This will not solve the problems of your life, that requires why you need them, what the pattern behind the problems, and ultimately the lesson in self-allowance and love.  I channel Angels, Ascended Masters, yours and my own individual Guides, Higher-Selves, supportive Galactic Kin, as well as Source to guide and assist you in your Healing Journey.



"I serve as a bridge between Gaia and the Divine, helping you remember that you to are a bridge, and we all are one in the Infinite Creation." 

Jesse Dujari

Readings and Sessions

In Readings I use my gifts, Intuition, Channeling or other skills to bring you the messages coming through for you. While sharing my own understandings, perspectives, tool, & techniques to support and empower you.

A Session is more interactive, it is a private lesson as well as working session, where I teach you how to change the dynamics and approach you hold to clear repeating patterns, give you tools to focus your consciousness and help you see past your filters of perception, clouding your judgment.

Sessions require a minimum of 2-Blocks to 3-blocks.  In Sessions, you walk away knowing you can continue your healing with these powerful tools that enable you to stay on the path of Consciousness Expansion.                                          

(Perfect for practitioners and lightworkers)

1-Block Readings - $66  (30-minutes)

  • Tarot Reading with Energetic Support - experience Jesse's unique blend of Tarot, Channeled Guidance, and Crystals seamlessly interwoven with her powerful teaching style showing you another way out of the Labarynth you find yourself in full of tools, perspective shifts and so much more!
  • Mediumship - Communicate Beyond the Veil with Your Loved Ones or an attached energy while I guide you through healing relationships, and experiences with those who’ve crossed the threshold of life so you and your family can finally move beyond the loss. Or find out if your home, car or live really is plagued by a pesky spirit and give them the path of light to release them from yours!
  • Open Channeling of Guidance or Open Intuitive Reading - In these sessions, you tell me what you are needing, struggling with, curious about, and I channel whatever comes through for you.  These sessions are dynamic and powerful, and I never know what will come through but it always seems to be just what you needed to hear. 

2-Block Readings/Sessions - $111  (1 hour)

  • Targeted Chakra Reconstruction - Are you feeling blocked in a particular area of your life?  Constantly struggling with housing, money or stability?  Can't feel safe?  Let's rebuild that Root Chakra and look for contracts, vows, attachments, curses, lessons, agreements, anything attached to recreate this experience so you can find the deeper lesson you have been avoiding.  Is your creativity painfully missing from your life? Do you struggle to communicate? These are all symptoms of blocked or underactive Chakras, let’s get those engines reving again.
  • Cursed? How to Break Ancestral, Inherited Patterns- Do you see a clear theme of suffering and lack in your family?  Are there patterns of abuse, abandonment, addiction, dependency?  Do you keep attracting the same destructive people in different bodies, different faces, and different details?  Does it feel like you just are lost and dredging through the sludge? Have you been told you are Cursed?  Did you feel a little queasy reading this?  Yeah, you need this and on this one, I only charge for two blocks but sometimes these can run much longer, and that is my gift to you.  With these sessions, we are in it till it's all clear.

3-Block Sessions - $155    (90-minutes)

  • Bust Through Your Victimhood *- Do you struggle with being critical of yourself?  Do you feel like the world around you is just setting you up to fail?  Is your finger pointing at what's wrong with everyone and everything, all around you?  This session will help you see how you have created this life of struggle, pain, and suffering for you, as well as how it’s actually the perfect platform to dive into deeper SELF-EXPLORATION!
  • Angelic Healing Rose I will teach you how to use this powerful Angelical tool for healing Deep Emotional or Physical Trauma Treatment, relationships, environments and so much more.  This tool supports those actively recovering from PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain or crippling phobias. These sessions go deep into areas long abandoned and bring about huge change in your life. 
  • Relationship RESET*- Understanding interpersonal relationships and how to best facilitate deconstruction and growth have been my primary focus for the last 12 years.  Not only do I have extensive personal experience, having been married for the last 13 years in a challenging yet rewarding marriage, but I have been supporting others with their relational challenges my entire adult life.  I have worked with couples, both formally and informally through volunteer work with domestic violence shelters and support groups, as well as through my practice.  I can help you and your spouse, parent, friend, child, whatever the relationship, see each other more clearly, see the filters through which you have been observing the other, and connect to the heart of the cords connecting you.  Let's give new life to your Relationship!
  • Feel Broken? Let’s Rebuild Your Vessel!- Kintsukuroi Healing is a guided technique I use to heal that fractured, disassociated state that many suffer from after enduring deep trauma, abuse, abandonment, and pain.  Many attest to how this technique helped them feel whole, sealed, and feel capable for the first time in their lives.  Those who grow up in deep trauma environments often struggle with feeling like everything slips through their cracks.  Let’s make your vessel whole again!
  • Transdimensional Lotus Training and Flight Test*-  Do you already have powerful Lucid Dreams?  Do you have flashes of Remote Viewing?  Would you like to traverse the Multiplicity of the Creation with some guidance and gentle facilitation? I am a seasoned explorer in these realms.  Would you like me to take you on a Journey?  Let’s fly!
  • Bust Through What Ailes You- Maximize your physical, emotional, mental healing with my powerful combination for Blue Print work, Akashic Reading/Cleansing, DNA Reattunements, Channeled and Guided Meditation Customized for you, recorded and viewable either as an Mp3 or on our YouTube Channel’s private Readings Playlist.

(*email me to discuss if this reading/session is relevant to your growth and work.  I humbly reserve the right to give some prior instruction as this work can shift realities)


Want to learn how to do all this for yourself?  Ask Jesse about her powerful classes that you take at your rate, from anywhere, anytime!



Much like energetic vitamins, these work on the energy and what blocks the flow to bring about a shift in your physical, emotional and energetic experiences of your life.  I, the Angels, Ascended Masters, yours and my own individual Guides, Higher-Selves, Galactic Kin, as well as Source guide and support you in your Healing Journey.

Energy flows through our body, healing and rewriting our DNA, translating through our endocrine system into physical expression to create lasting change in your life.

20-30 minute Attunements - $55

  • Let It Flow Energetic Karmic Cleanse with Arch Angel Gabriel - In this guided karmic cleansing AA Gabriel supports you while you process a traumatic or defining experience.
  • Panic Attack/Anxiety Relief Attunement with Arch Angel Seraphine - In this attunement I channel my strongest guide and supporter in my own journey, Seraphine whole she flows loving energy rebalancing your endocrine system, calming your adrenals and helping your body release the stress response and built up cortisol in your system.
  • Customized Guided Attunements - These are open Channelings to meet you where you are at, and assist you in transition and upgrading your frequency, energy, power, gifts, Intuition, Creativity, Musicianship, Clairsenses, Clarity and so much more.  These are guided by the Divine.
  • Complete Chakra Cleanse and Attunement to Optimum Frequency Alignment Guided by Arch Angels Gabriel, Uriel, Ariel, and Seraphine - In this completely guided and channeled Attunement we address not only your major chakras but also your full minor chakra system, getting them all activated, blocks cleared and harmonizing them with each other.
  • Oath, Contract & Vow Cleanup, Breaking and Releasing - Because we have forgotten culturally how to have good energetic hygiene, we carry generations of incarnations and ancestral karmic debris, oaths and contracts.  There are many situations and experiences driven by these past contracts to participate with certain people, or in certain circumstances.  Many healers, energy workers and spiritual practitioners of this generation spent lifetimes as nuns, priests, witches, wise men and women with certain vows and oaths around chastity, poverty, perhaps silence, loyalty, and so on.  Let's us help you release these and move forward in this life free of all these bindings.  These sessions are also known as Akashic Clearings.
  • Full Energetic Attunement & Balancing with the Divine Mother and Divine Father - This session is completely guided and channeled by the Divine.  Depending upon your individual needs and frequencies they will attune you to your optimum Highest Masculine and Feminine frequencies, bring in your highest vibrational self, strengthening your own connection with the expanded levels of your consciousness.  As you do so, things become clearer, easier, balance and you approach to life feels more graceful and effortless.  Often clients report accelerated growth, understanding, and synchronistic flow in their lives after these powerful attunings.

* All Attunements are customized for you and these are some suggestions of common Attunements.


Contact Jesse directly by email: Jesse@HealingPathwalkers.com or by Phone: 503-504-9334

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