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Healing Pathwalkers

Healing Pathwalkers believes in building your connection between your heart, your intellect, your guidance and your gifts so that you can be empowered to MASTER your journey.

"Energywork is a new term for an ancient practice.  Medicine men/women, witches and wisdom keepers, healers, shamans, and alchemists have been doing this work for as long as humanity has been alive.  We all have the capacity to be healers, visionaries, and guides for ourselves.  Let me help you remember how!"


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"Ultimately once you put anything or anyone between you and your relationship with the Infinite Creator you have missed the main portal into Unity Consciousness.


Anyone, who in any way, controls your relationship with that truest of selves, well, they are showing you a mirror of your own self-protecting, illusioned self, in the role of victim that has imprisoned aspects of you, preventing you from embodying your own unity.


This is the nature of the illness infecting humanity. The Wound of Separation between man and Source is infected by those who hide behind people who say, though me you can find God, by doing this you find God, by embodying me, you become God..... Only you can find your Oneness with Source."

Jesse Dujari

There are so many ways Healing Pathwalkers can help you! 


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