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HP Oasis with Jesse & Hannaneel

Healing Pathwalkers is committed to providing you with accessible, applicable guidance and support on your Journey of Awakening! 

Wednesday's Oasis with Jesse Dujari

Every Wednesday morning 10-11,

On Facebook Live, Healing Pathwalkers


Join us LIVE as we come together and share our journey!


Jesse will discuss upcoming events, classes and workshops HP is offering, while discussing her experience of the current energies, challenges and amazing shifts we as a collective are experiencing! 


Jesse is sure to give you something to laugh about, identify with, and contemplate as you work through your daily commitment to build a stronger, more integrated life, embodying the Divine Manifestation you came here to be!


Check out previous HP shows on our Healing Pathwalkers YouTube Channel


Are you a fan of the show?  Have questions but don't want to ask them publicly, or a pull you may not be able to request during the show?  Maybe you watch us as a recorded program and still want to participate? Email me or message me on Facebook.


Friday's Oasis with Hannaneel Perez

Every Friday afternoon 2-3pm

On Facebook Live, Healing Pathwalkers


Hannaneel will be rounding out your week and helping you set your intentions for the weekend as you build a stronger, more present life with the integrated programs, events and training you can find at Healing Pathwalkers!


Hannaneel beautifully blends her ancient wisdom with her commitment to a present, guided life Living in the Flow of Creation.  She connects with her guides and yours to help you hear your Ancestors, Angels, and more!


Join her LIVE for free guidance, readings and more every Friday afternoon!

You can find all of our previous shows on our Healing Pathwalkers YouTube Channel.

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  • shelli soble (Monday, October 02 17 04:18 pm EDT)

    I would love to start listening. I just wanted your Star Seed session and it was delicious. Thank you so much for doing the work to help us all navigate this energies that are not upon us. With a huge smile

  • Stacy Rand (Monday, September 18 17 03:35 am EDT)

    Thank to Jesse 4 my reading couple weeks ago❤❤❤so accurate & love all your AWESOME ENERGY & MEDITATIONS🖒🌻❤😇✌🕉😆

  • Sue Brittain (Sunday, January 08 17 03:00 pm EST)

    Hi, I was referred by my daughter and was sent this link to access all these shows but am unable to open anything..... Please help

  • shonis (Thursday, December 29 16 02:35 pm EST)

    Yes the morning oasis impacted me.

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