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As our community grows I will be adding practitioners, Artisans, Professionals of all sorts that I trust, work with and recommend to friends, family, and clients.


If you want to be on the HP Approved List, Email me. All practitioners must first be an active participant in the Healing Pathwalkers Community, and their work been tried and tested by myself and other members of the HP Tribe.


I am committed to promoting interpersonal relationships, communities, and resources.  We are a tribe, here to support one another.


Shauna is an Intuitive Psychic, Healer, Clairsentient Empath, Medium/Channel, and Coach. Shauna offers powerful guidance & healing with Channeled Angelic Healing Energy.


She works with Angels, guides, ascended masters, spirits and more to bring you exactly what you need at the time, whether it be clearing of stuck energy, divine wisdom about a particular aspect of your life or connect with a loved one who has passed on.


What Shauna offers is a gentle, safe, friendly space for the divine to communicate Quote by Marianne Williamson and help you move forward on your own healing path.


Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation, let us see if we are a good fit to empower you forward on your path to healing. Click here to schedule now.

I would love to introduce you to Kyle Devine!  The name says it all.  Kyle is a gifted producer and creator of sound.  Not only does he always have an ear out for the next big sound in music, he is also gifted with creating full sound immersion experiences that can take your meditations to a whole other level. 


If you like what you hear in our Take the What the Out of Chakra workshop or what I play on Morning Oasis, Kyle is your guy!  He feels the sound and gives it life in the recording.


Kyle also is looking for those in the field of meditation to work with and record cutting edge, modern meditation with music.  He is a strong businessman and can help get your voice recorded and out there, so all can benefit from your gifts.  Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?


Check out Kyles work on his website www.kyledevine.com

Vashta Narada (Aleksandra Aleksandrov) is a lifelong consciousness explorer, ET communicator, researcher, geek, gamer and an intuitive artist. She places great importance on subjective experiences, seeing them as a doorway to other dimensions, entities and a true understanding of consciousness.


Her artwork is aimed at helping people establish more personal connections with the galactics. Inspiring imagination, different perspectives, creative thinking and exploration of the infinite are her main passions in this life, and many others.


I found Vashta through her work and have been so grateful for the connection ever since.  If you are looking to have a beautiful rendition of your connecting guide that you can use to tune in more strongly to yourself she is the one I would recommend!


Contact Vashta through her Website!  Click here


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