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Healing Pathwalkers

Events in the Pacific Northwest!

Jesse attends local events throughout the year, where they offer powerful mini-session and readings at a discounted rate. This is a great way to get a taste of their work and maybe change your life.


Keep an eye on this page for specific details of upcoming local events.





Energy Systems Workshop

Uncovering the Mystery of Chakras

Ra to Qabalah

By Jesse Dujari, Hannaneel Perez, and Ashlee Staub


This powerful and transformative workshop is designed to incorporate ancient wisdom and modern practices to give you the most access to your energy centers, allowing you to remove blocks, open channels, clear vortexes, release karmic patterns, enhance creativity, passion, and joy and so much more!

This is not your Mother’s Chakra Workshop!  This is for people who want to get on a fast track of Awakening!  By harnessing your energy centers and being able to direct your focus you immediately notice results in your personal life, your professional experiences and in your spiritual ascension.

Chakra Workshop & Journal - Portland
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Live 3-hour Community Workshop
December 9th from 6-9pm
At Celestial Awakenings
7831 SE Stark St, #100
Portland, Oregon 97215
Beautiful Journal to continue your work on your own.

Ticket Prices
Chakra Workshop & Journal - Seatle
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Live 3-hour Community Workshop
December 10th 11am-2pm
3100 Airport Way S #24
Seatle, WA 98134
Detailed Beautiful Journal to continue your work on your own.

Ticket Prices

Brunch with Jesse

Sold Out!

Sunday, October 1st, at 11 am

Tin Shed

2204 NE Alberta

Portland, OR 97211



Would you like to come enjoy the Ultimate Portland Brunch Experience?  Let's laugh, and talk, and eat and come together with our tribe over the best of all meals, BRUNCH!
Share that table with other's, your friends, family, or maybe even stranger's!  We will talk about anything you are brave enough to bring up!
This is what I'm offering! You buy your ticket in advance, for $20.  I will show up early and wait (but no Portland Dining Experience is complete without some line-waiting, the shadow side of the Portland Brunching experience). I will create and hold the space for us all to show up within.
Your part?  You cover the cost of your food & drinks and show up ready to connect, and we will see how deep we can delve into all things EXPANSIVE! 
Tin Shed is truly a unique and beautiful experience with a spectacular breakfast/lunch menu that is classic in its uniqueness!  And it has options for literally every dietary type.
I will also bring a deck of cards and do a table reading as we close our space. 
I believe the universe will align so that the right people on the right day will find their way to the table with us!
This is a monthly event and each month I will either pick Friday night, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday morning for us to dine together  So if this one is sold out, book your spot for next month now!
There are only three spots available at the table so get your ticket today!

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Morning Oasis with Jesse Dujari

Morning Oasis is an interactive, channeled, guided show.  We come together weekdays, 10am-11am (pst) through Facebook Live, We pull some cards, ground and connect together and build upon each day's meditations to increase our collective work on the massive ascension.  Jesse offers guidance, as well as support in your quest to build that optimum life. 


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Let me show you all the ways you can become your most powerful healer, visionary and guide in your journey!

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