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A Message of Hope

My sister asked me today for any predictions for 2017, and I really don't do a lot of this because in all honesty, I see so many of the realities that will be spinning off of our "Co-Creation" of today that truly, to say one is the way will only be true for those who are paralleling my strongest projected current perspective. But this came through and felt it wanted a larger audience than one. So I'm sharing it with you today for fun:


Well you know, I have said this before, all things are possible, and how you proceed will determine what of that "future" you will experience. That said. I think there is going to be a huge change. We are going to have a lot of solar activity, it might even be what gets blamed for crashing our "systems" I think we are going to have some waves of arrests, deaths and there will be some fear and deconstruction this summer.


Though it will scare many, it will actually be for our greatest good. For most of us who are just trying to live a good life, to move forward and to live in full alignment with their Creator selves, will flow through this transition, as they came here simply to do this. Those who feel lost, confused, pained, will experience more of this until they clear away the remainder of the karmic debris they came here to work. Those who are ready to will continue to step forward making this new way of relating, being an embodiment of all that they came here to be will flow.


As Individuals, we will be facing beliefs that limit us, that prevent us from seeing our whole light, our path back to our own divinity. We will be feeling and sensing our guides, angelics, ancestral, celestial and soul familial more and more around us. Holding our hand as we walk forward. This wholeness of self will bring about more balance to our lives.

So much love for you all,
Channeled by Jesse Dujari
Merry Christmas all of you!

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