Healing Pathwalkers
Healing Pathwalkers

Grace in the Storm

Today's Channeling - 12/23/2016


The last few months of this year have been particularly challenging my beautiful manifestations of the Divine Source.  I am in awe at the grace and with which you are navigating the Creation.  This is the work we manifested to do, and in the thick of the storm, we forget to sometimes open our sails and ride the ferocious winds of change that are uprooting you from all you once held to be true, solid and unbreakable truths. 


Know this one thing, nothing is true.  Everything simply is.  Your need for it to be true or not true is purely a highlighter showing you where you have a Chain of Attachment to a belief that holds you away from your true selves... Let these mighty energies break away the bonds that are holding you in a State of Lack, State of Suffering and open your mighty wings to fly!



Great Mother


Channeled by Jesse Dujari 12/23/2016


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