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Today's Channeling - 11/19/2016


People of the Earth, it is time to take heed of your consciousness. As transparency becomes the normalcy of interaction, you will be laid naked before each other.  It is imperative to use these last days of the individuation to cleanse oneself of all they wish not to bring forward into the collective. By embracing and coming into oneness we accept all of each other, as we release more deeply that which defines me as not you.


These "acts of unconsciousness" were purely there to perpetuate The Separation. The Separation was critical for Source to see Itself without the knowledge of who It was looking upon.


This allowed all possibilities to play out in the creation.  This is what we have been doing up unto this time.  We have played out all possibilities, all timelines, all reality sets with these rules of duality, polarity, magnetism.  These will no longer be laws as we shift away from this old Creation into our new Expression in the Fifth Dimension expression of Consciousness and Fourth Dimensional expression of Reality. 


The completion of that aspect of the Creation has come and passed. Now the Creator is calling in all of It’s parts, bringing in all aspects of Itself.  It is pulling Itself together to move into the next phase of It's development.  In order to do so, it must remember who it is, hence our Awakening. It must release the wounds of Separation so that it no longer must push Itself away from Itself.


Find those you have divided yourself from, and seek the commonalities. Commune with them as you would with yourself, so you can find that which you have rejected of you.

Release your expectations of how that person is to serve you, and see how they are you. Feel how they are you to the point there is no you and them anymore, only one.


Seek that which creates the greatest polarity within you and embrace it until there is only now. See the swinging of the pendulum of love and hate, until it rests in balance between it all until there is only oneness.


Those who embrace this process will be growing and building the foundations of a new expression of the Creation. They will be gracing the Creation with true unity as a way of breathing together, seeing together, speaking together, loving as one.  Seeing how we are the voices of the greater Vessel, the One, the All.  Hold this space and allow yourself to radiate that vibration from your heart through the Web of Consciousness until it has settled in the hearts of all of Creation.



Great Mother


Channeled by Jesse Dujari 11/19/2016


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