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Healing Pathwalkers

Purging the Wounds of Separation



Seraphine Channeling


Today let us release a little more of what was, as we allow ourselves to shift more fully into what is. While the world transitions from Summer into Fall in the North, and Winter into Spring in the South, let us allow ourselves to transition as well.

The energies are heavy, thick, rich in new vibrations. I know many are struggling.  Struggling is part of the belief you/me/we are breaking, we are shifting into the collective consciousness, into our wholeness, into Oneness. That requires preparation of our consciousness. We must release all that distinguishes you as sperate from me.


Much of that comes from shame, guilt, and lack belief systems, which no longer would be required, were you and I knew ourselves to be the same. Were you and I to own we are everyone, the best, the worst, the beautiful, the ugly, the perfect, the malformed, the angelic and the demonic, we all are one, then no part of us would be bad, just a layering of character, shadowing our depth.


This process is as hard or as easy as we believe it will be. Once it required great suffering to change, for the no pain no gain mentality was the truth of what once was. This is no longer true. Change does not require pain. In your meditations today.  Pain is the hot and cold teacher that frees you from wondering, should I?  Play with this concept.


What can you change? Who can you view differently? Can you break the belief that defines your life, your relationships, your family, your work?  Must stepping into your life of service require suffering, poverty, loss? If you were to break that belief, what belief would you replace it with?  Would you replace it with a belief at all, or perhaps with Love?


What do you want to believe change requires? What do you want to believe shifting your life means? What if it were effortless? What if we believe it is effortless to shift into unity consciousness?


What if the next person you see, you thanked them for the beauty they reflect back at you? What if the next homeless person you saw you paused and connected with them, and saw in them the possibility of you? What if?


Messages of Love


Divine Mother


Channeled by Jesse Dujari



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