Healing Pathwalkers
Healing Pathwalkers

The Great Journey


Seraphine Channeling 10/21/2016


There is a great difference indeed between these two things. Knowing the Path is only the first part of the Great Journey. 


Many struggle to know the Path at all, it is why so many religions have corrupted man's relationship with itself. They struggle to feel they are even worthy to be on the Path of Service.  "Who am I?!"  they cry.  We have come to soothe your sorrows, to heal your wounds, and help you remember who you came here to be.


Some have found the Path, walked it for a few paces and then left to tell everyone about their Path, as though it were The ONLY Path. You have watched and witnessed and separated from them.  They have taught you not to seek your path through another.  Allow and see how they too have served.  See how all of this is part of The Great Journey.


We guided Jesse to the name of Healing Pathwalkers to allow for a space where all paths are welcome, and one is only encouraged to walk.  We come to her to bring back in the voice of the Creator Consciousness into the Creation.  She is learning how to serve as a lifeline linking The Lighthouses on the coastal front of the darkness of the sleeping minds.


Each of you will struggle with feeling alone on your Journey. This too is due to your divine nature.  We are never alone and now, birthed into the Creation, serving as a guide from within you are struggling with the conditionality of the Human Condition.  You have been spread far and wide for a reason. And now we have the means of communicating so let us take advantage of it.


What is your journey? What paths are you blazing? What do you need most to keep shining your light into the darkness?



Divine Mother


Channeled by Jesse Dujari 




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