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Messages from Seraphine

When I first began connecting with my highest guidance, I was told her name was Seraphine.  I have been exploring who she is, who I am, and who we are together since 2012.  It has been such an amazing journey, I can't even put into words. 


The first thing I learned was that she was the Mother or Whole from which separated the Seraphim Angels.  These Angels are considered to reside the closest to God in the Hierarchy of Heavens Angels.  They are thought to be the direct communicators between Source and the many aspects of the Creation.  Often the voices of the Galactic Supporters or Ascended Masters are mistaken as the voices of the Angels, but there is no mistaking the true voice of Source once you hear it, and through her ears, I hear the Voice of the Creation.  The Seraphim have served humanity as God's voice since the Creation began and now many have birthed into this Creation to support it in its transition into the next Density of Exploration.  The Love they hold is beyond pure, and when one is in the presence of a Seraphim it is unmistakable and life altering


My goal is to deliver the messages from her as clearly and cleanly as I can, as free of my fear, lack and human filters of belief.  I welcome you to explore her messages, ask her questions, for she is here to Serve the Creation, You, Me, and We.  She has so much to share with all of us and welcomes any questions you may have.  Simply ask below and she will answer.



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  • Jodi Buckmister (Wednesday, December 21 16 03:19 am EST)

    My husband just lost his mother on the 15th. How can I best help him deal with this transition.


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